Family Holidays

My “wants” for a family holiday are so minimal these days. We don’t need to go far and we don’t need to stay in anything flash for the kids to have a good time (and let’s face it – if the kids have a good time, we have a good time). Access to natural areas in a relatively un-populated area is pretty much the specs we work to.

This realisation has been good for me and I think, even better for the kids. Scaling back on where we go and what we do has meant we see sunsets, we learn about soldier crabs as we search the riverbed for those cool little sandy minipuffs where the crabs are hiding. We can learn about tides – when they’re up and when they’re down. We can check out the magnitude of the surf as the sun goes down. We can chat to the local fishermen and peer into their buckets to see what they’ve caught. We’re never in a hurry to go anywhere, it’s slow paced and there’s a lot of “fresh-air exhaustion” – which generally means good night time sleep (crucial to a decent holiday).

Through this “scaling back” (not that our holidays have ever been glamorous – but my husband and I certainly didn’t go searching for soldier crabs when it was just him and I ;-)), I have discovered a re-appreciation for the simplest things, and ironically, I think my appreciation will rub off on our children and hopefully the appreciation cycle goes full circle into their adult years.

Snaps from our Northern NSW family holiday from a few weeks back. 🙂
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