A Post and a Toast to “Family Friends”…

It dawned on me 2 weekends ago, just how wonderful it is to have “Family Friends”. This is that special family who isn’t related to you, but who is always there throughout the small and big things that crop up, and it is ALWAYS that house you LOVE visiting as a kid. I grew up with such lovely “Family Friends” and it has definitely shaped who I am today. It must be that special feeling in knowing that someone who isn’t related to you, also genuinely loves and cares for you, always has an open door for you, gives you lovely big hugs and unrestricted access to sugary foodstuffs in the fridge.

Now as a parent, I’m noticing the positive impact that our “Family Friends – Next Generation” are having on our children. Hugo is old enough to understand who is and isn’t “family”, not just through physical differences, but also the realisation that there are different rules, different foods, a different language, different ways of dealing with issues and different culture, amongst other things.

What a massively positive experience it is for a child to engage with people that are so different to their everyday, yet still being acutely aware that these people also love and care for them. The security net reaches that little bit further and I would think these experiences build tolerance, understanding and resilience.

So *ahem* (ding ding ding)…To Family Friends ~ ’cause it takes a village.

And now for some small Spanish flamenco dancers hanging in trees and chasing ducks.

Different cultures, like I said.

IMG_0280bIMG_0311aIMG_0283b IMG_0307b IMG_0092aIMG_0025bIMG_0006b ~ CARMEN, MAIA & HUGO ~

Northern NSW