these human animals

images of children in their natural habitats

Month: September, 2014

Hugo went on a 2 night trip away with his grandparents this weekend. It was a moment of pride in how he had no fear in leaving us behind, but also a moment of fear that he now has to, to a small degree, fend for himself in this big ol’ world without us always there to protect him.
He did good though! Had a ball actually! And the long cuddles on his return were absolute pure, precious, beautiful, blissful nourishment for my entire everything.

He’s now a boy though. It’s official – the baby is gone, but we’re embracing rather than lamenting, the next chapter in this little legend’s life.

IMG_0421a IMG_8773a~ HUGO ~

Brisbane, QLD


Aila started saying “mo-mo-mo” (more) today, which disappointed me to no end 😉

9O0A9111a 9O0A9084a~ AILA ~

at home


Has it really been a month since I posted anything up here? My poor babies have been cam-neglected, while I’ve been off photographing other peoples’ babies. Great to be busy, but wow, my online diary needs an update. Spam-alert!

We don’t have a bath in our current home, so I soak the kids in bubble tubs in the garden. They LOVE it. They love the shower inside too, but outside anything beats indoor everything, hands down, every time.9O0A9263a 9O0A9260a 9O0A9246a 9O0A9234a 9O0A9224a 9O0A9217a IMG_8638a IMG_8537a IMG_8525a IMG_8516a ~ HUGO & AILA ~

at home

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these human animals

images of children in their natural habitats


images of children in their natural habitats

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